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How To Improve Your Child’s Listening Skills

  • Nov 11, 2022
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 How To Improve Your Child’s Listening Skills

Listening skills can help children improve their knowledge, vocabulary, and communication skills, which are essential for learning. Listening comprehension enables the children to comprehend, remember, discuss, and even retell the stories in their own words.

Active listening skills should be taught to your child at a young age because they aid in cognitive development. It also improves their concentration and helps them focus in the classroom. Enhancing your child's listening skills can improve their engagement with the world around them.

Children who listen well often develop good communication skills as adults. It is crucial to learn this early in their lives. But like all good things, it needs frequent practice to excel. Here are some simple techniques you may do at home to help your child improve his or her listening skills.

  • Make them develop eye contact

Eye contact can help a child concentrate better. Practice maintaining eye contact with them while talking. There are many things that can initially distract them, like a loud sound, but parents need to reiterate it to them over and again to inculcate it as a habit.  

  • Encourage Subsequent Inquiries

Asking questions related to the topic being discussed is another approach to improving listening skills. Try reading a narrative with your child and quizzing them at the end to improve this ability. Encourage them to ask questions if they get stuck along the way.

  • Strive to minimise interruptions

Teach your children the value of waiting for their turn to speak because they might be eager to interrupt with a comment or a question at first. Give them alternatives, such as raising their hand in class or waiting until the speaker has finished their thought, and explain how interrupting someone who is speaking could make the other person feel. If your children empathize with the speaker, they will automatically become better listeners.

  • Communicate clearly and listen to your child

There are several things you can do to support your child's listening skills while you spend time with them. Always use simple words and sentences while communicating with children. Don't confuse them with heavy words. If you are trying to introduce a new word into their vocabulary, make sure they understand its meaning fully before using it. As a parent, you can model how to be an attentive listener while your children are talking to you. Never ignore your children because children enjoy imitating adults. Even your small gestures can make a big difference to them.

You can help children understand the value and significance of active listening by teaching them and helping them follow these tips in life. Additionally, it provides your child with a framework for developing personal listening skills.

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