Why Edkwery?

Edkwery explores the realm of education, across academic institutions catering to different age groups.

We showcase dynamic institutions, game changers and legacy centres of excellence, to help parents, students, teachers, and administrators gain awareness, insight and make informed choices.

We are a passioned group of data aficionados endeavouring to bring insights and analytics at the fingertips of our users.

Detailed Information

The data team have scoured through the internet and other information resources to populate a detailed insight into educational institutes


We provide detailed analytics based on the traffic received, user behavior and trends to help you make the right choice

Addresses all groups

The platform has curated information on Nurseries, Schools, Universities, Institutes, Jobs and more!

We bring a whole host of features for you to use!

See some of our USPs when compared to our peers.

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In-depth Institution Profiles
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