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Five Meaningful Questions To Ask Your Child's Teacher

  • Aug 15, 2022
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 Five Meaningful Questions To Ask Your Child's Teacher

The beginning of the school year is coming up soon in the GCC. This is an exciting, overwhelming and nerve-wrecking time. From meeting new teachers and making new friends to getting up early and working late, the long days can be jarring for the kids, especially after a summer full of outdoor play, video games and good ol' fashion fun. But, you can help ease your child's transition by speaking to them about the upcoming year and also with their teachers. Research shows the more parents and teachers share relevant information with each other about a student, the better equipped both will be to help that student shine academically. Realising this importance, KHDA, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, a government of Dubai undertaking, was also established to boost the parents-teachers communication. 

While the government of Dubai is leaving no stone unturned to strengthen the relationship between parents and educators, it's your responsibility as well to talk to your child's class teacher and understand how your he/she is coping at school. Here are five meaningful questions you should ask your child's class teacher:

1. In What Areas Does My Child Need Improvement? 

As a parent, you are often less critical about your kid. A teacher looks at your child with a different lens and often notices his/her weaknesses. It is a good thing to find out about those and try to work on the same with your child.

2. How Is My Child Doing Emotionally?

Sometimes, kids tend to hide their feelings from parents and siblings because of certain circumstances in the house. However, they may show their true feelings in the class. Over-irritated behaviour or not paying attention can often hint at a bigger underlying problem. 

3. What Can We Do At Home to Help?

Parents are the ones who are the first educators of a child. Therefore, all the things that you do at home are important to support your child’s learning process. Collaborate with teachers and they will guide how you can build upon what your child is learning at school. This might be as simple as reading every night or helping with homework.

4. Does My Child See The Chalkboard? 

Poor vision can directly impact a child’s ability to learn as 80% of learning is visual and happens through the eyes. Most often, kids develop weaker eyesight at a young age butrefrain from telling parents. That's why it is important to ask the teacher if your child is showing symptoms of nearsightedness. 

5. Do You Have Any Recommendations? 

This question will open a whole line of communication and can lead to the discussion of all the questions asked above. It is always important to hear the teacher’s recommendations because as parents we may be unaware of certain things while the teacher can guide us to the facility.

Having a strong relationship with your child’s teacher is one of the most important things you can do for your child's success. If you’re at a loss for what to ask your child’s teacher, ask these five above-mentioned questions to keep the conversation going. However, you must remember, teachers are also curious to know what your child is like at home. Share your inputs to help them understand your child better. It’s all about being an overall team!

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