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5 Effective Tips To Raise An Intelligent Child

  • Mar 28, 2022
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 5 Effective Tips To Raise An Intelligent Child

It's no secret that intelligence is a trait valued by all. Every parent wishes their child has the intellect to go forth and succeed, right? Of course, we all know that there are no secret hacks parents use to make their children smarter overnight. But there is a way to inculcate the trait, as your child grows up. And in this article, we’re going to show you how to do it. 

First off, let's begin by understanding that intelligence isn't something that is purely academic. Children need to develop values that shape them into well-rounded people, which means that they also need to learn emotional intelligence i.e. traits such as empathy, sportsmanship spirit, and compassion. 

Academic intelligence can help your child get good grades, but emotional intelligence turns them into better human beings. So, a good combination of both is what you need to focus on.

Here are five effective tips on how to raise an intelligent child - 

1. Stay Talkative & Encourage Curiosity

At a young age, children often ask the question "why?" or “what is this?”. And these questions should be answered with enthusiasm. Explain the science behind things, and start discussions about literature, history, and philosophy. 

Another way to imbibe curiosity is to ask them open-ended questions. If they answer with an  "I don't know", then explain the topic to them. This will motivate them to learn something new each day.

2. Keep Out the Screens

Technology is all around us and it's impossible to keep away from screens, but kids should also remain active and get their daily dose of vitamin D. As a parent, you have to teach them how to strike the right balance.  

So don’t take away those gadgets just yet! Instead, you could encourage them to do something more productive with their time. Buy them toys that promote learning such as puzzles and Rubix cubes, or toys that promote creativity like Legos. As a parent, you can build Legos with them too! Or play ball in the yard to show them that playing outside is fun. 

3. Accept Failure & Motivate Open Communication 

If your child makes a mistake like spilling juice on the counter or drawing on the walls, don't ground them or take their toys away! Instead, talk to them and make them understand what they did wrong so that they accept their mistakes. Your child should feel free to talk to you. Fostering healthy communication and boundaries helps children understand and practice empathy with the people around them. 

4. Show Affection & Make Your Child Feel Loved 

Everyone in the world wants to feel loved. The act of cuddling, interacting, and playing with your children will have a positive impact on developing their emotional intelligence. Moreover, a secure child tends to be highly confident and open-minded when overcoming the problems and challenges they may face in their life. By providing your children with a secure environment to explore the world, you are encouraging them to build healthy attachments with other people in their life. 

5. Promote Daily Exercise

Physical exercise enhances brain development. The habit of exercising for a set period of time every day can improve your child’s health in the long run. But does that mean your child should head to the gym already? Of course not! Physical exercise can also include getting your child into sports or having them do daily chores like riding their bike to buy groceries or walking the dog. This instills a sense of responsibility and discipline in the child and keeps them healthy as well. Enrolling your child into a particular sport can also help them uncover a new passion they never knew they had. This will bring forth a new form of determination and focus and they will want to work hard to win.

Each child is unique and has immense potential. Trying to just raise the IQ of your kids can do more damage than good. If you want to raise your kids to be smart, educate them to be determined, compassionate, creative, and curious. You should aim to help them utilize their hidden talents and skills to their maximum capacity. Raising smart children is not only about imparting knowledge from books. It is also about guiding them on how to use what they have. A smart child uses the knowledge gained at the right time, and in the right way.

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