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Dubai will welcome a new, budget-friendly British school in September of this year

  • Jun 8, 2023
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 Dubai will welcome a new, budget-friendly British school in September of this year

In Dubai, a brand-new, budget-friendly school with a British curriculum will open its doors in September. Three thousand students can be housed in the new facilities, which span over 20,000 square metres.

With an annual price of 30K for Foundation Stage 1 and up, the school in Oud Metha will provide the National Curriculum for England (NCfE) for students in grades from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 13.

The inaugural year of Glendale International School will see enrolment for 3 to 11 years old. Global Schools Foundation (GSF), a Singapore-based organisation, announced the start. The new facilities, which cover an area of 20,000 square metres, can house 3000 students.

The aim of the institution, according to Jasmit Kang, the esteemed principal of an innovative new school in Dubai, is to provide students with a British curriculum that is driven by creativity. This innovative approach aims to provide students with the tools they need to succeed alongside their classmates throughout the globe.

With the aim of promoting educational excellence, the new school hopes to become a vital part of Dubai's educational landscape. The classroom atmosphere will be vibrant and diverse, and students will develop great leadership qualities and important life skills there. It also underlined how crucial the school's vision is to boost students' educational experiences. By introducing a British curriculum that is driven by creativity, the institution seeks to create an environment where students can develop their unique talents and skills.

The school's dedication towards providing students with a top-notch education is further illustrated by its emphasis on fostering their leadership potential and imparting in them life skills. The school focuses to support students in acquiring these qualities so they can bravely face the challenges of a world that is growing increasingly internationally interconnected.

The new school in Dubai, with its goal of offering an all-around education, is poised to have a big impact on the region's educational environment. It pledges to equip students to stand shoulder to shoulder with their classmates from around the world by embracing a British curriculum that is motivated by creativity, preparing them for a prosperous future in a global culture that is always evolving.

Glendale desires to deliver a comprehensive educational programme that will equip students for success in a technologically advanced future. In addition to an ecosystem powered by Apple, the university will provide students with the required digital skills.

Its curriculum is built on a creative, theme-based approach to learning that promotes critical thinking abilities. As a result, the institution promises to provide qualified and accredited professors who will develop critical thinking in its students.

GSF Chairman Atul Temurnikar stated that Glendale International School's goal is to educate students of younger ages with a creativity-inspired curriculum, through immersive learning ecosystems and a balanced educational approach. This school will be a fantastic match in Dubai's educational landscape.

The international school network of GSF has 35 campuses spread across 10 nations. Among many other prestigious universities, their students have gotten offers from Ivy League institutions including Oxford, Cambridge, the London School of Economics, Harvard, and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

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