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Top 5 Soccer Academies in the UAE

  • Dec 28, 2022
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 Top 5 Soccer Academies in the UAE

It's no secret that physical activities and sports play a crucial role in a child's growth and development. It goes without saying that football has been one of the most popular sports for children of all ages across the world. Besides keeping children physically fit, football also teaches them the qualities of leadership, responsibility, and the value of sportsmanship. There are many famous soccer clubs and academies in the UAE if you want your child to "Bend it like Beckham"

Here are a few football academies that we'd recommended for your child:

The Alliance Football Club, Dubai

The Alliance Football Club has received the esteemed Sports Pioneer Award 2021 in recognition of their efforts to establish themselves as the first eco-friendly team in the Middle East. Alliance football club takes pride in its commitment to collaboration, humility, and a rigorous work ethic, which extends to its energetic practice sessions, brain training (braining), high-tempo selections, adoption of eco-friendly initiatives, and participation in charity efforts to aid the disadvantaged. All of The Alliance football coaches hold UEFA coaching licenses with a minimum of five years of experience. 

CF Football Academy 

CF Football Academy is another renowned academy that is partnered with SIS® Italy and provides students with the best possible training and growth. Through their rigorous training program, they are constantly working to develop football players of the highest caliber who have both great skill and character. They also maintain a healthy coach-to-student ratio and place enough attention on students' social and psychological well-being in addition to their skill and physical development. 

Elite Sports Academy

Elite Football Coaching provides a complete development program that encourages footballers of all ages to learn the game in a fun, instructional environment. This academy has collaborated with 10 renowned schools across the UAE. The coaching sessions are planned for all children between 2 and 18 years old. To keep the session enjoyable and efficient, players will compete within their age groups. to ensure that the players spend meaningful one-on-one and group time with their coach, which results in personal growth as well. 

The Football Academy (TFA)

At The Football Academy, team training sessions build team cohesion and strategy, whereas a one-to-one training session concentrates on the development of specialized technical skills and mobility. They mentor players with the help of their efficient coaching team since they run one of Dubai's most efficient and complete club soccer programs. They adhere to a curriculum based on the four pillars of football: technique, tactics, physical ability, and mental ability. The academy's staff are all licensed FA and UEFA soccer coaches who offer the best football instruction.

Juventus Academy, Dubai 

Juventus Academy Dubai helps football players grow by combining technical skills with interpersonal, cerebral, and emotional skills. Their coaching staff continuously assesses each player's performance during all practices and games and gives them midterm and final assessments along with certificates. So far, they have provided an opportunity for students to meet their idol soccer players like David Trezeguet, Bonucci, Ronaldo, and Edgar Davids at the Globe Soccer Awards. They believe in the concept of encouraging football players to thrive by combining technical skills with interpersonal, mental, and emotional skills.

Football promotes respect for others, cooperation, and teamwork. It fosters self-worth, a positive self-image, and self-confidence. A child can use it to develop and enhance a variety of motor abilities, including throwing, catching, running, kicking, balance, agility, and coordination. So, let your children run on the field and learn the sport while making friends and memories.

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