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Emirati Teachers Would Be Trained In UAE Schools From Scratch

  • Feb 6, 2023
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 Emirati Teachers Would Be Trained In UAE Schools From Scratch

The largest school operator in the UAE, the Taleen Group, has launched a new initiative to train recent Emirati graduates to become teachers. In September 2023, the Taaleem education organization will begin a program to train young Emiratis who have just graduated from high school or college to become teachers. In order to prepare Emiratis for leadership roles in schools, it also intends to expand the number of apprentice programs available to them.

In line with education firms' efforts to meet Emiratiization goals, Gems Education announced it would also hire Emirati graduates. A minimum of 2% of the staff must now be Emirati for companies with more than 50 employees. However, free zone employers are exempt from this rule.

By January 1, 2024, there will be a minimum of 4% Emirati employees required in businesses, and by the end of 2026, there will be a minimum of 10% Emirati employees necessary. The minister of human resources and Emiratization, Abdulrahman Al Awar, called on businesses to increase their efforts to reach the Emiratization goal for the coming year and singled out schools in his plea.

Out of a workforce of over 3,000, 204 Emiratis work for Taaleem, which manages 26 schools. In 2022, it hired between 30 and 35 Emiratis. Talat Goldie, Director of Human Resources at Taleem, also stated that the long-term vision is more than reaching a number. She added that they have developed a five-year plan that they've shared with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority. In September 2023, with the start of the new academic year, they will begin their effort to train Emiratis. Ms. Goldie also added that they feel that they can bring in Emiratis as learning assistants if they can entice them at a young age after they have completed high school or two years of college. Taaleem also wishes to invest in the potential of Emiratis and provide them with intense training programs akin to those offered by banks. She claimed that Taaleem would seek out undiscovered Emirati talent in the Northern Emirates and perhaps recent high school grads from Ajman, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah.

The Emirati Recruitment Initiative, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge's program for developing local talent, debuted a leadership edition in November 2022.

With its most recent recruitment campaign, it hopes to fill charter schools in Abu Dhabi with experienced Emirati teachers. Successful Emirati candidates will have access to specialized training and career paths that could lead to opportunities as vice principals and principals across the network of charter schools. To fill positions for teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers, and parent-relations executives, three previous recruiting campaigns were conducted. They attracted over 300 UAE residents and made it possible for 145 Emirati educators to be hired by charter schools.

Academic dean of students at the American Academy for Girls and an Emirati, Hind Al Zarouni, stated she enjoys the work-life balance that comes with her job. She also added that they have the opportunity to support and mentor the next generation when they work in education. She said  "I enjoy the balance. I love being able to spend time with my family during the summer.” Since she began working at the school in 2021, Ms. Al Zarouni has observed a rise in public awareness of the educational field. However, she added that to work in this field, one needs a lot of patience and talent.

Additionally, Gems Education wants to increase the proportion of Emirati employees it hires.

Head of the organization's Emiratization program Fatima Al Shamsi announced that Gems will sign a contract with the Higher Colleges of Technology this year to assist them in enrolling graduates in their teaching and school administration programs. It began a one-year on-the-job induction program for Arabic and Islamic teachers in December with the goal of assisting recent Emirati graduates and preparing them for positions in the Arabic language and Islamic education departments. Trainees will be given consideration for entry-level Arabic or Islamic teaching posts at Gems schools after completing the program.

The initiative developed by Gems, according to Essa Al Mulla, national workforce development chief for the Emirates National Development Programme (ENDP), "is a crucial component to recruit, retain, and assure career growth for Emiratis."

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