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Authorities in some Sharjah schools explain rules prohibiting fee increases

  • Apr 17, 2023
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 Authorities in some Sharjah schools explain rules prohibiting fee increases

In March 2023, the Sharjah education authorities stated that private schools in the emirate may raise tuition by up to 5% for the upcoming school year, although not all would be permitted to do so.

The Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) made the decision, which will not apply to institutions with ratings below "acceptable," while allowing others to increase only a little. The permission was based on a number of criteria, including economic growth, worldwide inflation rates, higher utility prices, and increased operational costs, according to Dr. Muhaddithah Al Hashemi, chairperson of the SPEA.

Al Hashemi highlighted that the emirate's tuition cost structures are also dependent on how well each institution performs.

According to their evaluations, the following schools will be affected by the planned increases:

  • Schools rated as "Excellent" may increase tuition by 5%.
  • Schools rated as "Very Good" could rise by 3.75%.
  • Schools rated as "Good" could rise by 2.5%.
  • Schools deemed "Acceptable" could rise by 1.25%.

According to Al Hashemi, schools that were evaluated as poor or very weak are not entitled to raise their fees

Different parents in the emirate are responding differently to the fee rise. While individuals with modest incomes claim it would affect their family's ability to pay their bills, others applaud the decision and claim it will raise Sharjah's educational standards. The 2 to 3 percent increase, according to Aisha Al Mullah, whose children attend Sama American Private School, is appropriate and will help to further education.

However, according to another SPEA official, schools are never permitted to prevent pupils from attending class or sitting for tests because of financial concerns. Ali Al Hosani, director of the SPEA, stated in a statement that the authority clearly forbids the expulsion of any student or any other action that would deny him or her access to education.

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