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UAE is opening Applications for the $1 million Global Teacher

  • Jun 5, 2023
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 UAE is opening Applications for the $1 million Global Teacher

The $1 million Global Teacher Prize 2023 application period is currently open. The Varkey Foundation Award, now in its eighth year, is the biggest honor of this kind. It is run in conjunction with Dubai Cares and in association with UNESCO. The award is organized by the Varkey Foundation.

Keishia Thorpe, a teacher in the US, was awarded the most current Global Teacher Prize for her work assisting low-income, first-generation American, immigrant, and refugee students obtain higher education. Thorpe draws attention to the critical role that academics in the UAE's role in developing a generation of visionaries. She said that every day, dedicated teachers all around the United Arab Emirates support and inspire their students by assisting them in realizing their full potential, and that this award is a wonderful accomplishment that exemplifies why education will always be vital in changing the world we live in.

Dr Tariq Al Gurg, CEO and Vice-Chairman of Dubai Cares asserted that teachers are the force behind advancement. Teachers act as mentors, coaches, and facilitators to ensure that their students realize their full potential.

The Global Teacher Prize was established to draw attention to the value of education in addressing the major issues that lie ahead, including pandemics, growing inequality, and climate change. Applications from outstanding educators worldwide are being sought for this Year’s competition, according to Sunny Varkey, the award’s creator, and head of the Varkey Foundation. He also said that we should never lose sight of the fact that prioritizing Education is the best approach to securing a bright future for everyone.

The award is offered to working teachers who work with students in the compulsory education system or between the ages of five and eighteen. Additionally, teachers who work part-time or teach online courses as well as those who instruct students aged 4 and older using a government-recognized early years curriculum are all eligible. Teachers are required to teach for at least 10 hours per week and to have a five-year career plan. It is accessible to educators working in all types of institutions and is governed by national laws everywhere in the world.

Teachers who apply for the Global Teacher Prize will be evaluated on their instructional strategies, creative solutions to local problems, demonstrable learning outcomes, community impact outside of the classroom, efforts to develop global citizens in students, advancement of the teaching profession, and recognition from outside organizations. Teachers interested in applying should visit before May 28, 2023. A Top 50 shortlist and Top 10 finalists, announced later in the year, will receive the award to raise the bar for respect for the teaching profession. The Global Teacher Prize Academy, a group of distinguished people, will choose the winner from the top 10 finalists and reveal it later this year. If teachers are nominated, the person making the nomination will provide a brief justification online. The assigned teacher will subsequently receive an email notifying them of the nomination and requesting them to apply for the award. English, Mandarin, Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian are all acceptable application languages. This award hopes to bring honor and recognition to teachers who strive hard to make future generations better through their teaching and ideas.

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