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5 Tips for Parents of Children Who Are Bullies

  • Oct 21, 2022
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 5 Tips for Parents of Children Who Are Bullies

Receiving news that your child is bullying others can be difficult to process. You might feel a range of emotions, including disbelief, sadness, and even anger. It is important to remember that your child is not a bad person – they are just experiencing difficulties that they need help to work through. According to the UNESCO Institute of Statistics one-third of the world's youth has experienced bullying. National Center for Educational Statistics reports that a higher percentage of male students report being bullied physically whereas female students reported being excluded from activities or being the subjects of rumours. As a parent, you play an important role in your child's life and can help them to develop the skills they need to manage their behaviour in positive ways.

What is Bullying?

The Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Education have shared that bullying has three core elements:

  • Aggressive behaviour
  • The observed or perceived power imbalance
  • Repetition or high likelihood of repetition of bullying behaviours

The data by National Center for Educational Statistics, 2019 reveals that 41% of students who were bullied at school believed that the bullying would happen again.

The most important thing that you can do as a parent is to provide support and love to your child. They need to know that you are there for them and that you will help them through this difficult time. You also have to be kind to yourself. This is not an easy situation to deal with and it is important to take care of yourself so that you can be there for your child. If you have recently learned that your child is bullying others, here are five tips to help you support them:

  1. Talk To Your Child

It is important to talk to your child about their bullying behaviour. Try to avoid getting angry or defensive. Instead, focus on listening to what your child has to say. This will help you to understand why they are bullying and how you can best support them.

  1. Teach Empathy

One of the reasons why children bully others is because they lack empathy. They may not be able to understand how their behaviour is affecting others. It is important to teach your child how to see things from others’ perspectives. You can also encourage your child to put themselves in other people's shoes and think about how they would feel in the same situation.

  1. Understand The Root Cause of Bullying 

The UNESCO Institute of Statistics shares that low socioeconomic status is often the main cause of youth bullying in wealthy countries. Immigrant-born youth in wealthy countries are more likely to experience bullying as compared to locally-born youth. In some cases, children bully others because they themselves are being bullied. It is important to understand the root cause of your child's bullying behaviour so that you can address it effectively. Helping your child acknowledge their role in bullying and taking responsibility for their behaviour is an important step.

  1. Address Issues At Home 

Children may often act out in school because of problems at home. Try to create a safe and supportive environment at home where your child feels comfortable talking about their problems. 

  1. Seek Help From a Child Therapist 

If you are struggling to address your child's bullying behaviour, it is important to seek professional help. A therapist or counsellor can help your child to understand their behaviour and develop the skills they need to manage it positively.

Parenting a child who bullies others can be challenging, but it is important to remember that you are not alone. While addressing your child's needs, take some time for yourself as well. Seek support from other parents, professionals, or online resources to take care of yourself and your family. 

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