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Dubai schools will observe Ramadan with a free group Iftar, the spirit of sharing and creating an inclusive environment

  • Apr 11, 2023
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 Dubai schools will observe Ramadan with a free group Iftar, the spirit of sharing and creating an inclusive environment

Schools work to instill in students the virtues of sacrifice, discipline, and empathy, especially during this holy month.

Throughout Ramadan 2023, many schools in Dubai are organizing a number of projects, including gathering a sizable sum of money to aid those in Turkey and Syria who have been devastated by earthquakes.

More than 55,000 people in these two countries lost their lives on February 6 2023 as a result of several earthquakes and aftershocks.

Raffles International School's principal, Steve Giles, stated that the hardship of the people in Turkey and Syria following the recent earthquakes had moved them deeply. He mentioned that over 80 different nationalities make up their varied community, and they have joined forces to raise money for emergency relief efforts. They have already raised more than Dh100,000 as a part of Innoventures Education and will keep working during Ramadan. He also wished that the suffering of the victims of this terrible earthquake would soon be alleviated.

Schools work to instill in students the virtues of self-control, empathy, and sacrifice, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Giles further added that they are also excited to celebrate their annual school Iftar on Thursday, April 13, 2023, which is likely the 22nd day of Ramadan, from 5.45 p.m. until 8 p.m. He has also cordially invited all members of the school community—parents, children, teachers, and support staff—to this special celebration to honour the history, customs, and culture of their amazing country and school community. Giles continued, "The Iftar is entirely free and made possible by food donations from our school community. Many other schools are holding Ramadan charity drives, and fundraising is an essential component of many programs.

Sangita Chima, the principal of Amity School Dubai, stated that their school community is deeply involved in developing and completing an extraordinary action plan for the Holy Month of Ramadan named 'Taj-Hi-Zat' which means "preparation". For this, they are preparing a number of fun events that will raise awareness, strengthen their school community, and instruct students on how to respect all cultures, comprehend others' ideas, and create an inclusive environment.

In order to maintain the spirit of giving, Ms Sangeeta added that they are also introducing 'Zakat. Through the program, students will be inspired to give back to society by taking part in charity drives, online fundraisers, packing and decorating Iftar boxes, and more. Outside the school gate, they have a Ramadan refrigerator that will be restocked frequently. Students can give their skills, abilities, and products to an exciting school auction where money will be raised for Zakat.

They are also going to organize Ramadan assemblies where students can express their appreciation and knowledge of the holy month.

Students will have the opportunity to win Iftar tickets with interesting programs, including "Home Décor Competitions."

"Our Islamic Department and Parents' Council are organizing Ramadan goodies for all students, Muslim and non-Muslim, from FS1 to Year 13," says Abdulbaset Habbach, Head of the Islamic Department at GEMS FirstPoint School - The Villa. Additionally, they are planning a charity drive for their support personnel during Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr. Additionally, they will organize a Ramadan "Home Décor Competition," where students will be invited to submit photos of their own Ramadan decorations. There will be free Iftar tickets given to the top two winning families.

Abdulbaset Habbach also added that they will organize Ramadan assemblies where students can demonstrate their appreciation and knowledge of Ramadan during the holy month. On April 13, the school will also offer an Iftar for all families, whether they are Muslim or not. Additionally, all pupils will get Eid Al-Fitr sweets thanks to the cooperation of the Islamic Department and the parents' council. Institutions are also helping those in need by collaborating with nonprofit organizations.

Mohammed Solaiman, Head of Islamic Education at GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis, also added that Ramadan is a wonderful time of year for them. This year, they're working with The Beit Al-Khair Society to support their "Feed the Laborer" project throughout the holy month and assist the less fortunate. Parents, students, and staff are welcome to attend the WSO Community Iftar, which will be held at their facility. Proceeds from the event will be donated to Beit Al-Khair, which will use them to provide iftar meals for workers.

The "Empathy Launch - Put yourself in someone else's shoes" is their second WSO Ramadan effort, in which the community is urged to feel sympathetic toward the less fortunate and donate pairs of shoes that will also be given to laborers via the Bait Al-Khair Society.

Ramadan is an important religious and cultural event for Muslims around the world, including those in Dubai. During this month, Muslims observe fasting from sunrise to sunset, practice spiritual reflection, and engage in acts of charity and kindness. It is a time when residents and visitors alike can participate in the spirit of giving and self-reflection, while also enjoying the festivities and cultural events that are a part of the month-long celebration.

Ramadan is a time of heightened spirituality and community, with mosques and other venues hosting special prayers and events. It is a great time to instill in children a spirit of giving and generosity! These initiatives in schools across Dubai will be a great learning experience for children of all nationalities and cultures!

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