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Five Attention-Getters to Use Instead of Raising Your Voice

  • May 27, 2022
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 Five Attention-Getters to Use Instead of Raising Your Voice

Classroom management is often a major challenge for relatively newer teachers. When students are involved in a loud activity or are just not meeting classroom behavioural standards, raising your voice may feel like the only option. But, that’s not true. There are other tools to get your students’ attention. Let’s take a look at five of them!

1. Timer To Note

Having a plan for how long kids spend time on various activities in your class will help you manage their attention in a more structured manner. Project a timer on a screen for each activity they are working on so students know how much time is left and when they need to switch to the next section of the lesson plan. This might also reduce their restlessness if they know each activity is finite in duration.

2. Place Yourself In The Centre

If you stand in the front of the classroom, you are close towards the front students, but far from students in the back rows. Stand in the centre of the room, where you will be closer to each kid, to get their attention. If a certain group of pupils is more difficult to manage, stand near them to get their attention. Taking a central position in the room allows you mobility to take control as and when needed.

3. Use Countdowns

Give your class a 5-second notice instead of drawing their focus out of nowhere. Try saying, “Put down everything you are doing, and the time starts now - 5,4,3,2,1”. By the time you go to one, children will have had time to conclude their chats or whatever they were doing and then pay attention to you.

4. Create Connections

Building relationships with your pupils is, of course, the most effective of all of these attention-getting strategies. When students perceive their teacher to be trustworthy and respectful, they will cooperate. This is why the most effective classroom management begins with interpersonal relationships. 

5. Try Sound Tricks

This is a more entertaining technique to capture students' attention, but it must be properly taught for maximum results. The teacher should choose a noise that will rapidly grab the students' attention and play it as necessary. When students hear this sound, they will be expected to stay in their seats and silently watch you for the next set of instructions.

One of the most difficult tasks for teachers is getting students' attention. Instead of wasting your time and energy by yelling at students, try the amazing attention-getters listed above to make your job easier. Think of them as a way to have fun with your students. Ask your students to come up with new ideas in bringing them together as a class, and change up techniques to keep things fresh.

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