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5 Ways Tutoring Benefits Special Needs Children

  • Mar 14, 2022
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 5 Ways Tutoring Benefits Special Needs Children

Children often hear about how “competitive” the world is, and how it’s all about  “survival of the fittest”. We don’t disagree - the world holds many challenges for young ones. But, education should not be one of them. Tutoring is a great way to ensure that your child with special needs gets the extra help and resources they might need to keep pace with or excel at their studies. 

Confused about whether you should send your child for tutoring sessions? Well, don’t be. We guarantee that tutoring is going to help your special needs child. We’ve even listed down the benefits involved, to make your decision easier. There are several benefits of seeking a tutor for your special needs child. Here are the top five - 

1. Controlled Environment

The traditional classroom can be a very chaotic environment for a child that finds it hard to stay focused. The teacher could be explaining an important topic, and the child could get distracted for a moment and lose their train of thought entirely. This scenario is extremely common.  

On the other hand, think about a personalised session with an online tutor. During these one-on-one sessions, the tutor has greater control over the environment. They can ensure lesser interruptions and distractions. Classes can also be scheduled according to the child’s needs. These are hugely beneficial aspects in tutoring  a special needs child. 

2. Individualised Attention

A teacher who has to teach 25 children is less likely to be able to focus on each of them as much as a tutor who only has to focus on one child - your child. The benefit of individualised attention is too important to miss in this conversation. Homework, quizzes and entire study modules can be prepped with only your child’s individual learning needs in mind.  

As parents, you can also have a closer dialogue with the online tutor and understand the methods that are working, the pace that is comfortable for your child, the way they are responding to the tutoring, etc. These are valuable insights that you can use to work with the tutor and make the entire learning experience smooth, easy, and fun!

In a traditional classroom setting, teaching methods that work for one child may not for another. So, the teacher might have to find a middle ground that works for both. However, in the tutoring scenario we’re discussing, such a concern does not arise. 

3. Improvement of Study Habits

Habits aren’t easy to develop, but when repeated often enough with guidance, they can take root. Close on the heels of the first benefit, tutoring also benefits your child’s study habits. Study habits can include how a child takes in new information, stores it in his mind, and uses it when it is useful. It can involve asking doubts, handling assessments, organising notes, etc. Tutoring can go a long way in cultivating these habits in your child. Since online tutoring is generally one-on-one, the tutor can help identify mental blocks unique to the child and choose the best way forward. 

4. Help in Catching Up with Peers

Many special needs children face the trouble of keeping pace with fellow classmates. It always seems like other children are able to grasp concepts easier and quicker.  A tutor can help plan sessions in such a way that more attention goes to certain subjects, or key areas (within subjects) that the child finds challenging. 

5. Reduction of Struggles

Having a tutor that is good at working with special needs children is an absolute must. Somebody who understands the quirks of the child, apt reactions to situations and red flags can help your child make it to the other side of the learning curve quicker. Often times communication is a chief issue. So, a tutor that empathises and understands communicating with a special needs child can help overcome this struggle. 

Choosing the right tutor and method of tutoring (online/offline) can be difficult. You need to put a lot of thought into the process. However, one thing we do take away from this conversation is that tutoring has numerous benefits and can help your special needs child learn and adapt to this quickly changing world.

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